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$ 0.064403 (?)

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100 = $65,185,545 $502 1,012,146,906 BAY
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BitBay [...] is a feature-rich platform that offers unbreakable smart contracts for important real-world applications. The BitBay contracts are secured by collateral deposits from both parties, which makes it unbreakable. In the event of a default by one of the parties, their collateral funds will be burnt, making it illogical for them to cheat or exit the contract with the intention of defrauding the other.

The smart contracts system on BitBay eliminates arbitrators, biased third parties, escrow and even fees. Without any middlemen, it can create coins for cash contracts like a decentralized “LocalBitcoins,” where cash payments are completely trustless. It can also be used to create “employment contracts." “decentralized eBay-like delivery contracts,” (to ensure prompt delivery of working products) and even “barter contracts,” that allow people to create a “wish list” and trade any item off that list.

BitBay’s completely anonymous market is built right into the client, and it allows users to create their own public and private markets. Or they can just check different contracts already available in the main market. The BitBay software allows communication between users by supporting email with end-to-end encryption like Thunderbird, and it also supports Bitmessage for a more decentralized option.


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