Bitcoin Gold (BTG)

$ 12.13 (16.79%)

$ 12.13 (16.79%)

# Change
Market Cap Volume (24h) Circulating Supply
43 = $212,513,499 $55,299,795 17,513,924 BTG
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About Bitcoin Gold

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Bitcoin Gold is a hard fork of the cryptocurrency Bitcoin. The fork occurred in late October 2017, on block 491407. The purpose of the fork is to create an ASIC resistant Bitcoin, by reusing Equihash proof-of-work algorithm from Zcash. 

From its inception Bitcoin Gold has been marred in controversy. Developers initially planned on an ICO to raise funds. This was then changed to an ICO and premine with the ICO part later dropped. A premine is usually frowned upon by the crypto community with many calling the fork a money grab.

A few days after the launch of the main net, miners started accusing developer Martin Kuvandzhiev (StarbugBG) of adding a hidden 0.5% mining fee in the z-nomp code fork the team suggested to use. Suprnova and other mining pools allegedly found the hidden fee and removed it after examining the code causing some to speculate that the removal was related to why many found blocks didn't show up as paid to the finder and why Suprnova's chain was out of sync.


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