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$ 0.006366 (5.53%)

$ 0.006366 (5.53%)

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87 = $82,075,074 $1,113,377 12,893,477,671 DGB
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DigiByte (Code: DGB) is an open source cryptocurrency running on the DigiByte Blockchain, a decentralised international blockchain created in 2013. The DigiByte coin was developed in 2013 and released in January 2014. Although based on Bitcoin, adjustments in the code allow for improved functionality, including 15-second block time and improved security. 

DigiByte was created by programmer and entrepreneur Jared Tate with the goal of creating a fast and secure cryptocurrency that could reach a wider and more decentralised community than Bitcoin. The first Digibyte block was mined on January 10, 2014, and included the headline from USA Today: “Target: Data stolen from up to 110M customers," hashed into the Genesis block to mark the importance of security in digital transactions. Also included was a premine to pay developers and early adopters.

DigiByte pioneered asymmetrical difficulty adjustment mining with DigiShield, which is a widely used technology and the basis of many other blockchains. It is also the first blockchain to fork from a single proof-of-work algorithm to multi-algorithm mining, however not the first cryptocurrency to use multi-algorithm (Huntercoin). 


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