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$ 0.403869 (293.50%)

$ 0.403869 (293.50%)

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97 = $47,271,699 $358,549 132,046,997 EDG
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Edgeless is a fully transparent 0% edge online casino and gambling platform that utilizes smart contracts on the Ethereum Blockchain. Online casinos currently have an inherent trust issue between the online casino and the gambler/end-user. Additionally, the house in online casinos has a built-in “edge” typically between 1-5%. Edgeless looks to create a guaranteed trust through the use of smart contracts ensuring its users a 0% edge on all luck and skill games and provide investors with 100% transparency on earnings and financial disclosures. 

[Edgeless] Launched its ICO in February of 2017 with 500,000,000 Tokens issued (440,000 ETH)--the most successful Ethereum-based gambling token ICO launch (up until this time). The coin became active on Bittrex, Bitfinex, and other exchanges in April of 2017.

Edgeless is (one of) the first to market among casinos that utilize smart contracts to guarantee trust to both users and stockholders. Among the many benefits of these smart contracts are guaranteeing the odds and payouts to the gamblers, transparent profit-reporting, and removing the middleman in the instance of peer-to-peer betting (sports gambling). 


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