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$ 0.668637 (8.95%)

$ 0.668637 (8.95%)

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110 = $50,038,196 $2,881,436 150,000,000 ENG
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Enigma Catalyst will create two decentralized platforms to realize high-quality quantitative trading of cryptocurrencies.

The main stakeholders of the Enigma project are quantitative traders, cryptocurrency investors, and data curators. Data curators will provide premium data sources for traders. Quantitative traders will create their own hedge funds on Enigma Catalyst, and investors will put their funds in the most profitable and successful hedge funds on the platform.

Currently, the project has 2 platforms in development: Catalyst (trading platform) and Enigma (data marketplace). The developers are putting a lot of emphasis on the decentralized data marketplace because the availability of certain data can have a serious financial impact on the trading.

ENG tokens are the native currency of ecosystem. They will be used in different ways.

  1. The tokens will be used to reward the most successful traders on Enigma Catalyst.
  2. ENG tokens will be used to pay for the premium data sources which will provide high-quality data to assist trading.
  3. In order to invest in someone’s hedge fund on the platform, investors will have to spend some ENG tokens. The exact numbers are still unknown.
  4. Another important usage of ENG tokens is the rewards for liquidity providers (ENIGMA will have its own decentralized exchange)

Catalyst will use decentralized exchange protocol and off-chain solution to enable fast transactions and maintain full customer ownership of funds. 


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